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Fixing Distorted Photographs of Paintings

8/23/2015 - Giclee printing is a digital printing method so the quality of the resulting print depends on the quality of the image being provided to print. This is because giclee printing is utilizing similar technology you would probably use to print a photograph at home. This is one reason so many photo labs now have adopted these very large printers to produce photo enlargements for their clients. But when it comes to making an art reproduction the goal is for the printing to not look like a photo. Instead we want the end result to look like a reproduction of that artwork. Of course it starts with a good capture of the artwork. If it is not going to be scanned, you only need a decent digital camera, good even lighting and some editing software for a little color correction. When the artwork is properly composed within the frame of the photograph, it can mean the difference between a high quality reproduction versus something looking like a mere photo copy.

Beware of Cheap Canvas Prints

8/7/2015 - You will want to share this with any photographers or artists you know. Beware of those Groupon, Amazon or other canvas print specials by e-mail. Not that all are bad but with canvas prints, many times you get what you pay for. If you don't believe me, check out this video of a canvas print we received from a competitor that we once used to highly respect. Now I am not so sure.

Why Are My Prints Too Dark

7/22/2015 - This is the first in what we hope to be an educational series called Lobby Talk, where we try to provide illustrations and screen casts to get the best quality prints possible. In this first one titled 'Why Are My Prints too Dark', hosted by Brian Wells, Art Director at FinerWorks and myself, we discuss how the truth to the problem of prints being too dark can actually be found in the file itself. Most of the time people's monitors are exceptionally bright therefore images seen on screen appear brighter than they really are. Along with our discussion I provide a Photoshop tutorial which shows you how you can check an image to see if it might be too dark and how to make the necessary corrections to the file if it is.
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