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Have You Tried the Artisan Canvas?

9/12/2016 - Not sure if the Artisan Canvas is right for you? Many of the artists at FinerWorks love the Artisan Canvas because of its slightly semi-gloss appearance. It gives image a degree of “pop” which is a term photographer sometimes use to express how well it displays a balance of contrast and detail. But this slightly semi-gloss appearance also turns some away. If you are of the latter, I ask that you don’t judge too soon. There are no plans to remove the widely popular gloss or matte canvas from our line up but we find that many of our customers that had once preferred matte have or are considering switching to the Artisan Canvas.

3 Important Tips for Borderless Prints and Cards

8/14/2016 - I think one of the reasons that FinerWorks attracts the initial interest of photographers who are used to working with their local photo lab is the idea of bordered prints. Artists doing reproductions on their work tend to prefer bordered prints as well however there are times when borderless are opted for or even the only option such as with our cards or artboard mounted prints. Borderless prints, sometimes referred to as full-bleed prints are defined as prints in which there is no white space surrounding the area of the image that is printed. An 11x14 borderless print after it is cut would have a measured sheet size of 11x14 while a bordered 11x14 with a 1“ border would have a final cut sheet size of 13x16 since it would have an additional 1” on each side. While borderless prints might not be for you in every situation there are times when these might be preferred or even necessary. Because of this I have outlined what I think are 3 important things to consider if you intend to order anything borderless versus a bordered print.

Art Reproduction on Wood: The Lighter the Better

5/21/2016 - Printing on wood is becoming more popular than ever, but is it right for you? While it is important to keep up with current trends, it should never be to the detriment of your artwork or fine art photography. Here you can learn the first rule of art reproduction on wood and avoid one of the biggest surprises. Noelle Hines, one of the artists on staff and customer service representatives, shares with you her advice on having prints made on wood. Since she meets with customers both online and offline on a regular basis she is on the front line when it comes to providing assistance on getting the best wood print possible.

Protecting and Preserving Your Giclee Prints

8/11/2015 - Just a couple years ago the production manager at FinerWorks surprised me with what she was able to do with a canvas print which had accidentally been scratched. A customer had ordered a large stretched canvas print of a wedding photo. The surface of the print became damaged when it accidentally hit up against something sharp right after it has been stretched and mounted.

Best Practices for Matting Prints

6/28/2015 - Periodically people ask us for suggestions on how to best display their print for sale or framing. I try to offer some suggestions when we are approached with this type of inquiry but the first question I ask is if they want to place their prints within a mat. There is a lot of emphasis on choosing a frame for your art and photo prints but sometimes overlooked is the importance of matting. Not only does the mat help highlight the artwork, it also acts as protection so the glass or acrylic does not come in direct contact with the print.

Fixing Prints Which Curl

11/15/2014 - One question that pops up on occasion and seems to be more common during the colder months is how to get prints to flatten out. Recently a new customer came to us simply because a batch of prints she received arrived shipped flat but the prints still had a tendency to curl. This posed a problem since she had to present these to her buyers right away and it hurt her presentation when having to deal with the prints wanting to curl up. What struck her as odd was that she frequently ordered similar prints and had not had this happen before. Right away I suspected her prints were not losing their roll memory which needed to be done, and done quickly. Roll memory is the paper’s desire to curl in on itself. But why was this and how could she fix this?

Calibrate your monitor

1/12/2010 - information on monitor calibration to show accurate colors.

Canvas on Demand at FinerWorks

10/30/2007 - The beauty of this is that it allows you to order canvas on demand online and have your prints shipped to your door. Demanding your print on canvas is the way to ensure those you are presenting the print to will have a hard time being dissatisfied with your gift to them.

Custom Home Décor Prints

10/29/2007 - There are a lot of young talented artists eager to create that perfect masterpiece which will help decorate your home.

Why Print on Canvas

10/28/2007 - Printing on canvas is a relatively new and gaining popularity.

Shadow and Highlights with Photoshop

10/22/2007 - If you are still using the brigtness and contrast tool in Photoshop, consider the shadows and hightlights tool

Translating Your Colors to Print

9/28/2007 - Converting your digital image to print requires a translation process that is similar to translating a modern language to an older one.

Image Editing Software

9/10/2007 - If you want to touch up your photos, take a look at some of the programs listed here.

Earn Money from Selling Your Prints

7/25/2007 - Marketing your prints to a buyer usually be done by following a few guidelines. Here we explore some of these methods.

The Convenience of Dropshipping

7/3/2007 - If are looking for an easy drop ship solution, I was very happy to see what FinerWorks had setup.

Making Big Prints from Your Digital Photos

6/30/2007 - If you have a 6 mega pixel camera or higher you probably want to print in large format at some point. With a 6 MP camera you should be able to get some nice 30 x 20 inch prints.

Getting Your Art in Galleries

6/19/2007 - An honest outlook on getting your work in galleries.

My Calibrated Monitor is Not the Golden Egg

5/13/2006 - I have a friend that prints his own work on a mega-thousand dollar printer in his studio (he uses to print on canvas since his own printer does not handle the matte canvas they use very well). Recently he spent close to $2000 on an incredible monitor produced by Mac. Although I don’t remember the model name it looks incredible with a 23” display. The only thing I don’t like is gama levels are a little higher than I prefer, but still is the best I have seen so far on the market. As an artist, I can’t afford one just yet but I am going to have my company get me one very soon.

Hiding Your Print under Paint

6/24/2005 -

Add Hi-Lights and Value to Your Prints

6/23/2005 - If you are an artist that is just getting into the giclee print process, consider this. The prints by themselves are printed on canvas complete with a canvas texture. Making your prints more valuable to potential customers is fairly simple to do and does not cost a lot of money.

Getting Your Art Published

6/22/2005 - Are you looking to get your work published? There comes a time for many artists and photographers in which they may consider seeking a publisher. The advantage is a publisher, assuming they have a proven track record, is that they will have the means of getting an artist's work in front of the general public through their publishing company. Usually this means in the form of prints, posters, cards, books, or even merchandise. Because there are so many talented artists even some of the best get overlooked. If you have sought a publisher but have not had any luck something to consider is if your work is marketable. Chances are your work is marketable but your market could be very exclusive therefore finding customers may take considerable more time and money.

Gallery Wrapping a Print

5/12/2005 - Discusses how to correctly gallery wrap canvas prints and artwork.

Make a Print an Underpainting

4/21/2005 - Perhaps a little overlooked technique is the ability to use a giclee print as an under painting. Artists are all the time applying light strokes and daubs of paint to their giclee prints to give them a more original look, so why not create some original work this way.

Copying and Printing Images from the Web

3/15/2005 - Making copies of images is sometimes a concern for artists or photographers wanting to display their work online. Protecting your intellectual property rights is very important but if you are an artist or photographer, do not let this fear prevent you from promoting your work on the Internet. The simple fact is the only way for you to get the exposure you want, is to be willing to show your work.

Time to Start Blogging

2/20/2005 - Article provides general insite on the blog system can benefit artists and photographers in promoting themselves and their work.
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