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Theo's Tips & Guide to Digital Printing
Digital Artist

James M. Theopistos

FinerWorks Media, LLC
San Antonio, TX

James "Theo" Theopistos, the founder of FinerWorks Media, LLC. started in the digital inkjet printing industry in the 1990s when as a digital artist and photo hobbyist, he wanted to find ways to output his work in a unique fashion. This eventually led him to experimenting with printing directly to canvas.

Even though printing on canvas had been around for some time, specifically for the giclee industry, the resources and knowledge for people to do it themselves were limited. Once he was able to find the supplies and equipment he needed, other artists and photographers began to approach him to request their work also be printed on canvas. Eventually it resulted in the development of In addition to canvas printing, FinerWorks also provides fine art papers for giclee printing and regular photo lab services.

Currently James divides his time between various technology related ventures and assisting as needed with

Recent Blog Posts

Integration Apps for FinerWorks Order Fulfillment
How about an App for that? That is the question we get as it pertains to having us drop ship prints for people. If you are new to FinerWorks,  drop shipping is another way we describe blind shipping which simply means we keep ourselves unknown and the order looks like you shipped it to your customers. The percentage of orders we process as drop shipped orders at FinerWorks is well over 50% now. Some have us fulfill orders via our website while others placing very big orders go through our offline channels. Well the good news if you are selling your prints online through your own website you might be able to take advantage of some new methods telling us where to send your orders that will make things easier so that you do not have to go through the process of placing individual orders each time. You would actually be able to transmit a bunch of orders with just a few clicks. At the moment there is only one way to do this however we will begin launching some official alternatives in the form of apps in which we have been working over the past several weeks to bring to you.

Your Photography is Art, Treat it That Way
If you take portraits are you really an artist? My good friend Jim Landers or Landers Photography and founder of Landers Photo School shares some words of wisdom which may current and aspiring photographers might want to consider. Even if you are not a photographer, it is still a good read because you as an artist will be able to relate to why it is important to treat your photography as art

New Face Mounted Acrylic Prints and Options
Ever since I set foot by accident inside the Lik Gallery in Las Vegas I have been mesmerized by acrylic prints. His gallery at the time was primarily displaying his work in this fashion which allowed his landscape photography take your breath away. Since then I have been on a mission to make these prints a possibility for our artists and photographers.

Satin Luster Inkjet Prints with a Gloss Coating
Prints on the Moab Exhibition Luster is now produced with a gloss optimizing coating that sets a new standard for your photo and art printed on this paper. Sticking with our same satin luster paper for prints as well as used for our new face mounted acrylics, this high quality 11 mil 300g paper answers artist’s and photographers’ requests for a high quality paper between a matte and a gloss, with excellent ink retention characteristics and a color gamut that is second to none. This paper maintains a traditional E surface finish, providing an elegant texture consistent to that of a traditional dark room print. This is a popular paper of choice with professional photographers however we find it also makes stunning art reproductions. Now, this week we began introducing the upgraded version with the gloss coating thanks to the introduction of Canon’s newer PRO-4000 printer that now is now part of our fleet of printers.

New Matted Prints Option
You can now order your prints matted without a frame. Our customers have been requesting this option for the past several months since we started to offer custom framing services. I am now happy to say that this option is here.

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