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Theo's Tips & Guide to Digital Printing
Digital Artist

James M. Theopistos

FinerWorks Media, LLC
San Antonio, TX

James "Theo" Theopistos, the founder of FinerWorks Media, LLC. started in the digital inkjet printing industry in the 1990s when as a digital artist and photo hobbyist, he wanted to find ways to output his work in a unique fashion. This eventually led him to experimenting with printing directly to canvas.

Even though printing on canvas had been around for some time, specifically for the giclee industry, the resources and knowledge for people to do it themselves were limited. Once he was able to find the supplies and equipment he needed, other artists and photographers began to approach him to request their work also be printed on canvas. Eventually it resulted in the development of In addition to canvas printing, FinerWorks also provides fine art papers for giclee printing and regular photo lab services.

Currently James divides his time between various technology related ventures and assisting as needed with

Recent Blog Posts

New Tube Based Shipping Option Added
If you prefer your prints to be shipped in a tube rather than flat, we have added some tube based shipping options in the shipping drop down at checkout to be available for some types of orders, primarily prints on our fine art papers. These will show up with the regular shipping options at checkout but say “tube” in the shipping method name.

How to Approach a Gallery for Representation
At FinerWorks we have full-time on staff two people who are also actively involved in the art gallery business at night and on weekends. Zane Thomas is a successful screen printer and founder of both Black Moon Prints and Black Moon Gallery, based in San Antonio. Melissa Hernandez shuttles between Austin and San Antonio and works for multiple galleries such as Art on 5th in Austin and Tatum Originals in San Antonio. She also represents various independent artists as a dealer. At the same time, she is in the process of developing a new gallery in San Antonio’s Blue Star Art Complex. I had a chance to spend some time with both discussing what is the best way for an artist to find gallery representation. I thought it would be best to get some tips direct from them since they have had the fun and displeasure or having to both accept and reject artists and their work. Based on our discussion, this is what we came up with that we think will help and artist understand and better go through the process of finding representation.

What to Know About Glazing Your Framed Artwork
Glazing is a term picture framers will use to refer to the glass in a framed picture. I am not a big fan of the term since it does not quite convey a proper meaning and sometimes people assume it only refers to glass so for now just know glazing is clear plate of glass OR acrylic that covers the face of the framed print.

The Process of Making Prints Correct
Eileen, an artist out of Montreal, Canada after using a number of print companies emailed us about a problem she was having with getting giclee fine art prints produced to her satisfaction. Here is what she said: “Hi, I had been trying to make prints of my artwork to sell as reproductions for the past year and found it hard to get the results I want. After first trying to print them myself, I tried different companies which let to little improvement. My problem is colors in the prints are still usually off to some extent and I don't know why. One company told me it was my files while another seemed to have not clue. A friend recommended you guys since she says most of her prints are great and you have been happy to work with her to improve the prints that needed help. Before I start to use Finerworks, I am simply curious what you guys do differently and if you will be able to tell me what I can also do?”

3 Quick Tips for Image Submission
Printing your images through FinerWorks is pretty straight forward however problems that can affect the ability to print your image accurately can occur when people have utilized more advanced imaging techniques that might cause problems with how an image is correctly read. Below are 3 quick tips that will alleviate potential problems in printing.

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