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Framed Photo Prints
Create your own framed collections with these pre-configured framed prints that are ready to hang. Available in sizes as small as 4x6 up to 8x10 and as framed photo collages. Small framed prints are printed on Kodak professional paper. Photo collages are printed on our photographic fine art satin luster paper.

Petite framed prints consists of your artwork or photograph is framed by a basic black moulding behind acrylic glass. Sawtooth hanger and push-in-nail is provided so it can be immediately hung.

Bulk rates, single item pricing and options are below.

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$14.95 ea.

4x6 Small Framed Print

$16.95 ea.

5x5 Small Framed Print

$18.95 ea.

5x7 Small Framed Print

$18.95 ea.

8x8 Small Framed Print

$19.95 ea.

8x10 Small Framed Print

$74.95 ea.

22x11 Framed Collage

$74.95 ea.

16x16 Framed Collage

$99.95 ea.

24x18 Framed Collage

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