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Theo's Tips & Guide to Digital Printing
Digital Artist

James M. Theopistos

FinerWorks Media, LLC
San Antonio, TX

James "Theo" Theopistos, the founder of FinerWorks Media, LLC. started in the digital inkjet printing industry in the 1990s when as a digital artist and photo hobbyist, he wanted to find ways to output his work in a unique fashion. This eventually led him to experimenting with printing directly to canvas.

Even though printing on canvas had been around for some time, specifically for the giclee industry, the resources and knowledge for people to do it themselves were limited. Once he was able to find the supplies and equipment he needed, other artists and photographers began to approach him to request their work also be printed on canvas. Eventually it resulted in the development of In addition to canvas printing, FinerWorks also provides fine art papers for giclee printing and regular photo lab services.

Currently James divides his time between various technology related ventures and assisting as needed with

Recent Blog Posts

Have You Tried the Artisan Canvas?
Not sure if the Artisan Canvas is right for you? Many of the artists at FinerWorks love the Artisan Canvas because of its slightly semi-gloss appearance. It gives image a degree of “pop” which is a term photographer sometimes use to express how well it displays a balance of contrast and detail. But this slightly semi-gloss appearance also turns some away. If you are of the latter, I ask that you don’t judge too soon. There are no plans to remove the widely popular gloss or matte canvas from our line up but we find that many of our customers that had once preferred matte have or are considering switching to the Artisan Canvas. The other day I was looking through our supplies list and noticed the frequency we were going through rolls of the Artisan Canvas. I asked our financial officer if those numbers were correct and was told that the numbers I was seeing was quite high, indicating how popular the Artisan Canvas has become. Much of it stems from usage by our sister canvas printing website but it is also partly due by the number of artists and graphic designers that use if for their orders.

Approved Etsy Manufacturer Plus Faster Checkout
I am excited to announce that FinerWorks has been approved to be an Etsy Manufacturer. Noelle Hines, one of our senior account executives and customer service representatives will oversee aspects of this as well as be our token Etsy expert. As an Etsy seller herself she has been able to view first-hand what many of our customers that are also Etsy sellers experience. Over the past couple years Etsy has evolved their policy so artists selling on Etsy are more easily able to outsource production without violating Etsy terms of service. I think to some degree that this was almost inevitable. If there was a flaw in their business model it was no mechanism in place initially that would allow their users to continue to use the Etsy platform once they reached a certain level of growth. Unless the seller had the capability or funding to setup their own production facility and hire staff, those abiding by Etsy's original terms would find themselves having to close their Etsy shop and find customers elsewhere if they wanted to outsource. Admittedly many users chose to ignore Etsy’s policy and eventually Etsy began to loosen their stance on this. Now it appears they are somewhat endorsing companies that meet the criteria they require by allowing them to be part of their Etsy Manufacturer’s program. For us it is a good thing because it provides us a level of credibility in the eyes of new customers. For our customers it is just as good because it encourages us to continue to meet their demands and explore ways to improve things.

3 Important Tips for Borderless Prints and Cards
I think one of the reasons that FinerWorks attracts the initial interest of photographers who are used to working with their local photo lab is the idea of bordered prints. Artists doing reproductions on their work tend to prefer bordered prints as well however there are times when borderless are opted for or even the only option such as with our cards or artboard mounted prints. Borderless prints, sometimes referred to as full-bleed prints are defined as prints in which there is no white space surrounding the area of the image that is printed. An 11x14 borderless print after it is cut would have a measured sheet size of 11x14 while a bordered 11x14 with a 1“ border would have a final cut sheet size of 13x16 since it would have an additional 1” on each side. While borderless prints might not be for you in every situation there are times when these might be preferred or even necessary. Because of this I have outlined what I think are 3 important things to consider if you intend to order anything borderless versus a bordered print.

New Metallic Canvas
We now have a metallic canvas. Metallic canvas has been around for a few years now however it is starting to be widely favored in some circles over even gloss and certainly any satin or matte canvas. Some in the photography world might be more familiar with the term pearl to describe the type of finish this has but it is essentially characterized by the metallic appearance it has when light reflects off of it. Granted it might now be to everyone’s taste, however I was in awe by its ability to show detail and color. In order to see what it is like, we are running a 50% off special that will give you 50% off the standard single print price on the metallic canvas. This will give you the opportunity to try it and let us know what you think. This intro special expires Monday, August 1, 2016 at midnight CT. Make sure you use coupon code METCANV in your shopping cart before your checkout.

6 Things to Ask Your Giclee Printer
A while back a young lady came to us because she was concerned by some prints another company had produced for her. She initially loved the prints but discovered that after a few years the colors had turned a chalky white. Even your best quality prints can have bad things happen to them when exposed to the wrong environmental conditions but turning a chalky white was not something you normally see so the only possibility was the materials such as inks and/or paper was the cause for concern.

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