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Theo's Tips & Guide to Digital Printing
Digital Artist

James M. Theopistos

FinerWorks Media, LLC
San Antonio, TX

James "Theo" Theopistos, the founder of FinerWorks Media, LLC. started in the digital inkjet printing industry in the 1990s when as a digital artist and photo hobbyist, he wanted to find ways to output his work in a unique fashion. This eventually led him to experimenting with printing directly to canvas.

Even though printing on canvas had been around for some time, specifically for the giclee industry, the resources and knowledge for people to do it themselves were limited. Once he was able to find the supplies and equipment he needed, other artists and photographers began to approach him to request their work also be printed on canvas. Eventually it resulted in the development of In addition to canvas printing, FinerWorks also provides fine art papers for giclee printing and regular photo lab services.

Currently James divides his time between various technology related ventures and assisting as needed with

Recent Blog Posts

Getting the Best Wood Print Possible
How do you know if your image will look good on wood or not? All the images we have made into our new wood prints have looked fantastic! But we have seen some images really stand out above others. It has nothing to do with the image quality of the artwork or the photography. It has to do with the tones in the image. Fortunately we have invested a lot of time in testing the process which allows me to share with you what we have learned. If that is not enough, our print setup tool attempts to simulate a wood print before you order it so you can get a bit of a preview to help you decide.

New Float Mount Hanging Hardware
We have modified the float mount option. Wooden spacers are adhered to the back of the print which appear to offset your print from the wall by about a half inch making it look as if the print is floating on the wall. This gives your display a more contemporary look. A D-ring hanger will be screwed onto the top brace so you can easily hang it on a hook or nail.

3 Aspects Affecting Printing on Fine Art Papers
We are always asked which paper is the best to choose. I usually answer that people should try the different papers and decide on their own which they believe best compliments their artwork. But I also need to clarify not all paper is going to appear to be the same as is obvious if you have ordered one of our starter kits which includes a sampling of the different paper types we print offer. There are three areas where I believe the properties of the paper can have a big impact on the quality of the image being printed: paper texture, paper absorption level and paper brightness.

Providing Good Customer Service as Artists
Providing good customer service is an integral part of any business. This includes small single person art and photography based businesses. If you fit within one of these categories like most of our own customers, then consider taking advantage of ways that can help you improve your relationships with your own art buyers both offline or online.

Typoraphy Canvas How to Video
With Valentine's Day right a little less than 4 weeks away now is the time to come up with something unique. One way to do this is via a typography print. A few days ago I wrote about seeing canvas prints in retail locations. This includes both high end home decor stores like Z Gallerie to even more mainstream chains you might be familiar with which carry cheap canvas prints made in China. While the designs I have seen in both types of places were very diverse, I myself would never buy one. Instead I would design one myself then go to a place like FinerWorks to take care of the printing and production.

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