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Hinged Presentation Mat Kits

These can be ordered with 2 or 4 ply conservation mat board in either black or white. Digitally cut for the utmost accuracy, the window of each mat is 1/8” smaller than the actual print size, like a standard mat. Clear plastic bags are provided. Framers tape (recommended) to secure the print is not included.

Note that these can also be ordered individually as an addon when you are ordering a print.

We recommend using acid free framer's or artist's tape to secure your prints to the inside of mat presentation folder.



  • Available for your custom size prints.
  • Available in black or white.
  • Clear plastic bag provided.
  • Enhances the perceived substance and value of your print.
  • Makes them ready to display and sell.
  • An economical alternative to a standard custom cut 4 ply mat.  
  • Adds a layer of protection to sensitive archival prints.
  • Provides a save storage option for each print.
  • 2 ply may be ordered individually an accompanying add-on item  to prints in POST

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