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Keyon Lewis

Klack Designs
Brooklyn, NY

Born and raised in Brooklyn NY. At a very young age, I loved art and creating things with my hands. I was introduced to art in school. I took ceramics, photography, sewing and i even took art classes at the Brooklyn Museum. On the way to school, i would be so fascinated by the graffiti and street art seen on storefronts, buildings, walls and subway stations.

My parents are from the Caribbean. I grew up loving the beauty of nature and culture I would see on my annual trips to Jamaica. When all the images overwhelmed me, I was propelled to create. This memory is the reason why I often use bright colors in my art.

I started to do graffiti art, draw people, landscapes, created characters and design backdrops for plays. My art expresses my love for NY, more particularly, Brooklyn. My inspiration comes from current events, my love for community. My love for Brooklyn in deep as you will often see in my work.

I taught art at a private school in Brooklyn for many years. I eventually was inspired to start my own clothing line.

I am now painting on canvas, mixed media, sculpting and drawing to share with the world the beauty I see in the daily images and experiences that I am fortunate to be apart of.

I inspire to be a trendsetter and cultural innovator.

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