Top 10 FAQ’s FAQs

What is “Giclee Printing”?

How do I find prices?

Will you show me a proof before printing?

How can I avoid having a cropped image?

Does FinerWorks offer custom sizes?

How large can my image be printed?

Will my giclee print be archival?

Will FinerWorks check my image for quality?

How long will it take to produce my print?

Can you send me a test print of my image?

Do you offer volume discounts?

Ordering FAQs

If a picked up print is ordered, can it be picked up the same day or is there an early time frame that is required?

How do I get started?

Where can I view your paper options?

Why won’t my image upload?

Why does my image look blurry in the order preview?

Why can’t I order anything smaller than 8 inches?

Can I make changes to my order?

Is there a minimum order required?

Can I order more than one print?

Will my print sheet be larger if I include a border?

Will my print be ready to hang?

Will FinerWorks frame my print?

How can check on my order’s status?

Why does my resolution change when I setup my print?

Papers & Canvas FAQs

Are files best sent as "print quality" file extensions or is the 300 dpi resolution just fine?

Whats the largest sized artwork that can be printed and shipped?

Are banners also printed as well as shipped?

How can I get samples of your papers and canvas?

What kind of canvas and art papers do you use?

Which paper is best for my artwork or photography? .

Does FinerWorks have any media types which are not listed?

How long has FinerWorks been printing on canvas? .

Can I paint on top of, or embellish my canvas?

Does FinerWorks apply a protective coating to canvas prints? .

How should I care for my giclee print?

Will my print ever fade?

How long will my canvas print last?

How can I make my canvas print look like a painting?

Does FinerWorks use real wood for stretched and mounted canvas prints?

Why do some prints want to roll or curl and not remain flat when I initially open them?

Printing on Wood Questions FAQs

Do you print directly onto the wood?

Can I apply my own finish to the wood print?

How come my white's are not visible in a wood print?

How come I can't soft proof my wood prints?

Do I have to do anything special to my image before hand?

Can I paint over my wood print?

Uploading Files FAQs

I uploaded a very high resolution file for a large print. How come the preview looks blurry?

Should I enlarge my file before I upload it?

When uploading vector artwork, is it best sent as a PDF or a rasterized JPG file format?

Shipping FAQs

How are prints packaged and shipped?

How much is shipping?

How long will it take to deliver my print?

Can I rush my order?

I need my prints like yesterday!! Can you help?

Can I ship to someone else?

Can my order have multiple shipping addresses?

Can I track my package?

Who will deliver my print?

Will my print come in its own plastic print sleeve?

How are orders shipped?

How long will it take to get my print to me?

Can you ship to a family member or friend?

Do you provide tracking information when an order is shipped?

Pricing FAQs

How much will my print cost?

Does FinerWorks charge sales tax?

Does FinerWorks offer volume discounts?

Does FinerWorks offer wholesale pricing?

Does FinerWorks charge extra for order fulfillment services?

Does FinerWorks charge extra for non-standard sizes?

Our Technology FAQs

What file type does FinerWorks require?

What is the required dpi or resolution for printing?

Should my image be in RGB or CMYK?

How can I ensure accuracy in my prints?

How long has FinerWorks been in the printing business?

What type of canvas and art papers do you use?

What kind of printers and inks do you use?

Does FinerWorks use calibrated displays/monitors and printers?

What tools does FinerWorks provide to assist with accurate color?

What is an ICC profile?

Where can I find ICC Profiles for the purpose of soft proofing?

How do I soft proof a print?

What is a calibration print?

Getting a Bad Print FAQs

Why is my print so dark?

Why isn't the white part truly white?

Why are my colors shifted?

What should I do with my damaged print?

What if I’m unhappy with my print?

Can I return a print?

Why is it so hard to remove my print from its clear sleeve without damaging it?

Your Account FAQs

What options will I have as a registered member?

Why isn’t my last order appearing in my order history?

Why can’t I find the option to create a gallery or sell prints with PayPal?

Can I download my stored, hi-res images from FinerWorks.com?

How do I know my images won’t get used, sold, or stolen if I store them?

Can I upgrade my account from “basic” to “gallery” if I want to start selling?

How much should I charge for art prints?

Can I create a custom URL for my gallery?

Personal Galleries FAQs

How do I list my prints for sale?

How much shipping should I charge my customers?

How will my customer know what print size to order?

What happens when someone buys my print?

Does FinerWorks handle print-sale transactions for me?

Can my gallery be password protected?

Why didn't my gallery sale generate a print order with FinerWorks.com?

How will FinerWorks notify me when I’ve sold a print?

Does FinerWorks provide certificates of authentication (COA)?

How do I direct customers to my gallery?

What is Virtual Inventory?

How to I start creating Virtual Inventory?

Select Gallery Participation FAQs

Is the Select Gallery free to submit to?

Can “just anyone” upload images to FinerWorks' Select Gallery?

What are the requirements to post images to the Select Gallery?

Can my buyers download my image from the Select Gallery?

Are all of my stored images automatically displayed in the Select Gallery?

How do you protect my images from being copied by someone else?

Why don't you put watermarks on images in the Select Gallery?

Posting and Selling Images FAQs

Do I have to have a PayPal account to Sell Prints?

Where do I create my "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart" buttons?

How do I know how much I should charge for shipping?

What if I want to charge different rates for different items?

How do I charge sales tax?

How will I know what and when people have purchased one of my prints?

Does FinerWorks contact me if I sold a print?

How do I charge sales tax?

Order Fulfillment FAQs

How does FinerWorks guarantee quality for my customers?

How much does order fulfillment cost?

How can I qualify for Order Fulfillment services?

Will FinerWorks include my company logo with my orders?

Does FinerWorks offer “Retail Ready” packaging options?

Can FinerWorks add inserts with my orders?

Does FinerWorks offer offline ordering for massive print runs?

Additional Services FAQs

Does FinerWorks offer scanning?

Does FinerWorks offer touch up services?

What “add ons” does FinerWorks offer?

Can FinerWorks add brushstrokes to my canvas?

Does FinerWorks offer custom designed prints?

Does FinerWorks offer paper types other than those listed?

Does FinerWorks offer certificates of authenticity (COA)?

Photo Lab Products FAQs

What is the difference between one of the fuji photo prints and a fine art print on canvas or one of the fine art papers?

Why is there separate shipping options for photo lab prints and products?


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Calibrating Your Monitor for Printing

Worried about your prints not looking like you see on screen? If you choose not to invest in a calibration device, a calibration print helps you bring your monitor closer to ICC standards (this is the standard printers and professional color labs adhere to).

Account Setup & Setting Up Prints to Sell

Your virtual inventory allows you to not only store prints you will be ordering frequently but it also allow you to offer them for sale directly via PayPal. The video below shows how this is done.

Click the fullscreen icon when video starts

Top Helpful Links for New Customers

Digital printing either fine art or photographs is the most widely used method today. Preparing your art or photographs for this sort of printing is not difficult however it is always good to understand some of the concepts involved.

Most Recent 10 Posts Artist Guide to Digital Printing


How to Check Your Image Before Ordering

Knowing a suitable print size from your digital image files may be challenging if you are not familiar with using programs such as Photoshop or other image editing tools. We recommend a resolution between 72 dpi to 300 dpi at the print size you want.

To make things easy visit the Convert Pixels to Inches post.

Problems Uploading Files?

Typically any problems using the upload tool are associated to the web browser being used. In most cases if you do not see any sort of upload tool it is because either Flash is not running in your browser and HTML 5 is not supported. This is usually fixed by updating your web browser.

If you do see an uploading interface but nothing happens when clicking the "add files" or "upload" button, this is also usually fixed by updating your web browser. Here are things to try first:

  • Close then reopen your web browser
  • Try rebooting/restarting your computer
  • Install or try a different web browser than what you are using 

Updating Your Web Browser

The first step is to make sure you are using the latest version of the browser you use. These are going to be Chrome, FireFox, Safari or Internet Explorer. Doing a google search will get you to the websites where these browsers are offered. They will always have the latest version available for free download and installation.

If that does not work, try installing and using one of the others mentioned above. FinerWorks recommends the following in order: Chrome, FireFox and Internet Explorer. If you are on a MAC Safari might be a good choice to try as well.

File Does Not Progress

Another problem which can occur is the file fails to start or complete the upload process as indicated by a progress bar. This is probably not a problem with your web browser itself but is more associated with a disruption in the Internet connection. People tell us usually trying at a different time of day will resolve this problem.

If none of this seems to work, please feel free to contact us and let us know. Please provide the type of web browser you are using as well as specific details of the problem.

Order Fulfillment

If you are an artist or photographer looking to sell your work but you need a reliable service to print and ship prints to your customers, FinerWorks was created just for you. We have made it an important part of our company's business model.

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