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Amy Lucid

I am a fine art and nature landscape photographer. My education began at Herron School of Art and I am mostly self-taught. I am an attending artist at the Art Bank in downtown Indianapolis, My recent exhibits have included Nickel Plate Arts, Art as Therapy Exhibit, and Gifted Exhibit in 2014 at the Judge Stone Gallery, and the Stutz Gallery in Indianapolis, Artville Exhibit in January 2015. I have been selling my photography on Fine Art America since 2013.
I prefer to photograph nature in its untouched state and rarely alter my photographs beyond slight image enhancements. My goal is for people to see nature from my perspective in a way they may have not have looked at it before, while feeling like they are actually standing in the place where I took the photograph. My goal is to also show as much detail and textures in the scene so that one has an intimate experience with the photo and can truly appreciate nature in all its beauty.

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