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VRJ Arts
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Valerie R. Jackson

VRJ Arts
Louisa, VA

Valerie produces strongly colored artworks that are works of the imagination, but far from imaginary. Her current collection, Ecclesiastical Expressionism, draws on the rich, elegance of the King James translation of the Bible. Valerie explores the vibrant imagery of scripture using a loose, expressionistic style to explore the emotions stirred by these word-pictures.

Her earlier works, from her Prophecies and Visions collection, are more illustrative with a focus on the wealth of prophetic verses in both Old and New Testaments.

In her drawing style, Valerie turns to figurative works. From straightforward portraiture to looser figurative studies, there is little more fascinating subject than fellow human beings. Her focus on the realistic depiction of the figure has remained constant throughout her career as an artist.

She has participated in numerous art exhibitions including the Virginia Shore Art Gallery at Abilene Christian University, and The Center for Contemporary Arts, both in Abilene, Texas; the Chowchilla Art Stampede in Chowchilla, CA, and Dragonfly Studios Art Exhibition in Misawa, Japan. Included among her public exhibitions is a solo exhibition, “Prophecies and Visions,” at Goojaw Gallery in Abilene, TX.
Her art has been carried by the Colossal Gallery in Merced, California, and the T. Austin Gallery in Modesto, California.
Valerie R Jackson received her initial art training at East Carolina University as a Fine Arts painting major and drawing minor.

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