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Missouri River
By Nadine Philp

I truly enjoy the times when I can paint quietly by myself often inspired by the wide open spaces of North Dakota landscapes.


If I lived in the city, I'm speaking of skyscrapers and no horizon to view, painting would take on less of a role I can easily say in my life. Not that I paint full time, or even regularly year round because I don't, but the wide open space in the plains of the United States provide ample inspiration for painting. Plus, my husband and I, love to travel to the mountain ranges in the western part of the country.


Doing so has filled many hard drive with photos I hope to one day paint. While landscapes, and even stills, are my general area of expertise, I'm readying myself though to try more animals. It's true I do paint a lot of birds in various scenes, recently I mentioned to my husband how I am ready to move toward larger animals, maybe even people one day soon.


Before I ramble on, thank you for coming by to view my artwork. I do appreciate your taking the time, thank you!



Category: Landscapes
Created: Wednesday, January 20, 2016, Last Updated: Wednesday, January 20, 2016

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