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Four Blue Eggs in a Nest
By Bobbie Wright Grogan

I took this beautiful photograph of a bluebird nest in a small maple tree in the Historic Antioch Community, Polk County, Georgia. 

I began noticing a few days after I hung a beautiful red begonia in a low branch of a Silver Maple tree that a bird had claimed this spot for her own nesting grounds.  Day after day, I would notice the addition of new straw and other materials as this mama bird created her masterpiece.  One day, I finally "caught" her in the act, and to my surprise it was a bluebird!  It was a small, blue, shy bird that frantically rushed to the sky each time she saw me coming.  I checked on her progress daily, and introduced my children to her nest after I was sure she wouldn't jump ship and change her mind for a new place.  It was the day I finally spotted the first perfect little blue egg.   My two children, Kylie, age 7, and Kaden, age 4, were so excited to be able to see a bird nest in action so up close and personal.  We visited the nest daily until there were finally four little blue eggs.  The days began to run together after the mama bird embarked upon the tedious duty of hatching her perfect family-to-be.  After what seemed an eternity to my young children, we finally discovered three tiny and naked wormlike creatures in the nest.  I couldn't believe the offspring from such a beautiful bird could begin their lives so...well, for lack of better terms, hideously ugly.  They didn't stay ugly for long, though; soon, that naked skin was replaced by deep blue and dark gray feathers.  They were so cute, and we observed them daily, always growing and changing.  One day we all went for a visit to the nest, and we found an empty nest, and we, too, felt empty inside, for we knew the three baby birds were now learning the lessons of life, such as flying, making food choices, and begining to think about their nesting future themselves.  It was a rare experience with nature I will never forget. I will add the photo of the 3 baby birds on a blog to follow.  Thanks for stopping by this blog!  

Category: Commentary - My Images
Created: Monday, May 30, 2011, Last Updated: Thursday, February 28, 2013

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