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WBuck Artistic Endeavors
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William D. Buck

WBuck Artistic Endeavors
Baton Rouge, LA

I am a hobbyist when it comes to art. However, I have accumulated a few pieces that can be appreciated. I offer them for sale here. These are the best of my works.
Art provides conversation, stress relief and insights into our society and daily lives. I have found that I learn more about people, history through art.
Typically I use traditional art, but some digital work is also for sale in my digital gallery. Variety of art and subjjects. Portraits and Landscapes are my favorite done in a more traditional manor. My influences are Larry Casso in Baton Rouge, Carole Peebles in New Orleans, Everett Raymond Kinsler, John Singer Sargent and Ted Kautzkey. Offering Prints of my original art through Finerworks. Originals may be available for sale but contact me at

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