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Ahmed Salam

Arlington, TX

I started drawing at a very early age. It was a pastime while my family was on vacation. I'd sit in the back of the station wagon and watch the rolling hills and telephone posts. Then I'd try to remember what I saw and draw it. Many times I had to use my imagination but I'd get frustrated. The images I saw at 65 mph didn’t look like my picture, yet my mother always offered support and encouragement. She would always tell me to practice!

Throughout my younger years, I continued to practice but never received any formal training. It was a hobby that turned into a passion. I would draw anything, but not before thoroughly studying my subjects. I'd look for details such as shading, dimensions and color. Backgrounds interested me too (in the later years). It became important to fill the page with art.

My first painting was oil. A landscape of something I remembered as a kid and a lot of imagination. I remembered the wire fence post and yellow tumble weeds of West Texas. It was my first painting and I was proud. Not as proud as my parents were, when a local banker decided to frame it and place it in his office. That’s when the art bug really got me. I was 16 and felt like I was on top of the world.

The next ten years were filled with drawings. I learned to do layout and design. I got a part time job at the local newspaper because they saw some of my work and knew my father. I produced a few magazine designs and a few logos for local businesses. I followed artist like Norman Rockwell and Patrick Nagel. I admired their use of bold lines. I tried to duplicate their style and bold colors. I felt I was on my way of becoming an artist but something was missing.

Now 25 years later, I've found what was missing. I have developed a certain style and use of color that expresses the way I see art. My art is very different and the expression of color is important. I love the bold colors, dark lines and splats. The subject is based on what is seen or felt at the time. I choose various subjects based on a vibe and I paint “As I See Art”. I still have a lot to learn and I have been fortunate to be in the company of some wonderful artist such as Annie Lee, Frank Frazier, Charles Bibbs and Clarence Pointer. I can only hope that you see my vision “As I See Art”.

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