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Print on Sunset Cotton Etching Fine Art Paper

10/2/2013 - Nothing like the month of October, one of my favorite months of the year. Living in south/central Texas Fall usually does not begin to hint it even exists until sometime this month so the change from upper 90s to lower 90s is always welcome. Of course any little change in the temperature in this region to a more comfortable level is always welcome. With Fall showing up it puts us in the mood at FinerWorks to add a new paper to our current lineup. In this case we are getting ready to add a fine art paper called Sunset Cotton Etching which bridges a gap between two of the most popular papers we offer.

How to Choose a Paper Type

8/10/2013 - An artist asked, “What kind of paper should I choose? I am just getting into printing and don’t know what type of paper to select. Can you help me?” Of all the questions we get, I have to put this at the top. As a giclee printing company, FinerWorks has carefully researched what people like and what people expect in a paper. Choosing a paper type which best reflects your image is really how you should approach this question. Determining which is the most appropriate for that image should be based on your own preferences, how well an image looks on the particular media you choose, and your customers preferences if known.

Choosing a Paper for Your Art Prints

5/25/2012 - When we talk to people direct, we try to go over three characteristics: Paper brightness, texture and reflectivity levels (glossy vs. matte).

Greeting Cards for Artists

5/24/2012 - If you have not considered offering greeting cards or folded cards for your artwork, you need to now. Cards are an easy sell at your next art show.

Rolled Prints Shipping Available

1/10/2012 - Requesting your prints be shipped rolled rather than flat is available.

About Printing on Metallic Paper

9/9/2011 - Here are some tips on what type of photos will best takes advantage of the Sunset Metallic Photo paper we offer.

Testing other Canvas Printers

9/6/2011 - We always encourage you to check out the competition when it comes to canvas printing. If they are doing something which better servers you and we are not, we want to know. Check out our list of what to look for in a canvas printing company.

Faded Prints and Low Ink Levels

8/11/2011 - The large format printers today no longer have a problem with the ink running out or low and it reflecting in a print's quality.

Archival Grade Prints - No Big Deal

8/9/2011 - It used to be saying you printed archival grade prints was a big selling point by fine art printers and a way to imply high quality but to be honest; today it is pretty much of a non-issue

Damaged Art and Photo Prints

8/5/2011 - Here is how you keep your customers happy and get replacement prints sent out if your customer receives a damaged package you had us ship.
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Finding the Right Frame

Frames have always been in style. After all, frames accentuate our most prized photographs and our most coveted wall art. They serve as accessories inside our home as well, and are excellent outlets for those seeking a non-intrusive way to personalize their own space. Frames preserve our age-old family portraits and protect our favorite art prints from the elements.